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2017/18 winter booking festival, brand analysis– Michael Kors

From the show to the booking festival of 17/18, the colors are not too bright. The previous booking festival covering various bags, Mummy bad, pillow bag, and bags that are practical in use will be the key factors in the festivals. MK will continue its classic Jet Set women style, and rivets, holes and other swanking elements will be used in the handbags of these season.
Color—Mineral powder

According to the previous popular colors, it is predicted that MK will use mineral powder in the 17/18 winter handbag, which is gentle and restraining in color, creating a style both girlish and ladyship.
Shape—pillow bag

MK won’t change much in shape for the 17/18 fall and winter handbags. The pillow shaped handbags appear in the booking festival, smaller than other pillow handbag in shape.
Shape—drawstring bag

The drawstring bag is usually matched with double shoulder straps. MK in 17/18 fall and winter will combine the medium and large size drawstring bag with reversed hair. And the choice of color also appeals to the season of fall.
Element—air holes

The cool girlish image is really popular but the MK air holes don’t make the quality of rock girl stand out too much, and the quality of city lady is still very heavy.
Element—floor tile printing

It is comparatively monotonous for the floor tile printing of MK, which appeals to the whole positioning of the brand. However, the floor tile printing of other brands uses the change of colors and printing, which changes the style of the handbag.

MK bag 1559 (2)

Michael Kors carry out big promotion! Fashionable drew bag at low price!

Founded in 1981, Michael Kors locates its headquarter in New York. Michael Kors brings the luxury industry into a new phase, creating a concept of self-expression and being different. Michael Kors separates itself from other classic luxury brands, being the representative of American luxury life style. Up to now, Michael Kors has more than 500 stores over 89 countries in the world, and distributes to top department stores and brand shops as well.

When mentioning about the drew bag of chole, many people are complaining about this. The high price of the cute and exquisite drew bag makes many people can only just look! Because they cannot afford it! Recently, Michael Kors offers great benefits to ladies who love bags! Same size of drew bag and equipped with exquisite round buckle can make you enjoy the fashion at the price of 1000.
The improved details show the dedications. Fine leather with great honesty. It is worth mentioning that the bag is separated inside, which increases the capacity of the bag, showing leisure street style and romantic elements.

This small Michael Kors bag is made of colored suede leather and lychee pattern leather. There are metal accessories in front magnetic buckle, covering several front layers. There are two pockets inside. The handle in the top can be removed, or changed to straps. It is very practical and nice!
Two colors of the bag are both very fashionable. It is offered at a price quite reasonable, shouldn’t you get one?

MK bag 1559 (2)

Walk into Chanel Office and Closely Observe Chanel 2016 Autumn Series Bags

Walking into Chanel office and closely observing Chanel 2016 Autumn series bags, this time fans of Chanel can glut their eyes. The first to see is the 2016 Autumn series bags, and the most important is that we can walk into Chanel’s office’s displaying hall to closely observe the charm of new season bags. Although this hall is like the France’s tavern, we appreciate the autumn accessories in a free mood. Maybe because of the background, the whole series carries a vintage and glamorous style but doesn’t lose Chanel’s only essence. The glamour of jewels, vintage style, and modern design bring us into the situation where we expect Chanel to be on the market soon.

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MK, the light luxury brand, who looked down on Ali, now declare all the luxury cannot go without Tmall

It is reported on 24th Oct. that recently in the 5th anniversary of Michael Kors’ China areas, Li Dakang the CEO of Asian-Pacific area said “Any luxury brand would like to make up 10%-20% of the total sales online, but all cannot avoid Tmall, which is under Ali.”

The China market is more and more important for Michael Kors. On this celebration, Michael Kors declares that its official website for online shopping is put in use, which improves its retail channels. Even though, Michael Kors indicates that if more market shares are wanted, it is impossible to avoid the cooperation with Tmall.

What is interesting is that in this May, Michael Kors announced to be out of IACC because of its dissatisfaction of Ali’s entry of IACC, which spread very popular at that time. But now, what Li Kangda does here is intended to create the cooperation space for Michael Kors and Tmall.

In fact, Michael Kors has already started cooperation with Meilihui, a platform of luxury brand under Ali. Li said in his interview that Meilihui is for MK’s out of season products with large discounts.
With the improvement of consuming in China, the demand for online shopping is getting larger and larger. Both the luxury brands and light luxury brands are understanding the online shopping better and better. They not only put the out of season products on line for promotion but also sell the latest products on line.

Before Michael Kors’s entry into China market, other luxury brands have already built good foundation in China, gaining lots of customers. As for the online shopping, these luxury brands are more active than Michael Kors, working closely with Tmall, Meilihui and other platforms. Up to now, Burberry, HUGO BOSS, LA MER, Maserati, LVMH and other groups have started strategic cooperation with Tmall.

On the Global Trend Festival of Nov. 11 in Tmall, Burberry, Maserati, Guerlain and other 50 top brand in the world released their new product on site. This 8-hour fashion show is live broadcast on Tmall app on cellphone. The customers can sit at home and watch on their phones. They can even buy the latest products at first time through “showing and buying”.

Dai Yanting, the general manager of Guerlain of China market, said through the festival, Guerlain can build a platform of interactions between online and offline, interpret the luxury sales in new perspective, and make the young concepts into the brands.

Experts believe that what Tmall can offer to the brands is not only limited to the sales channel. It is a platform for great promotion and interactions of customers. Based on the support of big data, it can describe accurately of the users, and predict the trends, which are what the luxury brands need immediately.

It is known that Michael Kors was founded in 1981 as the luxury accessory brand by Michael Kors. Its headquarter is located in New York city, with over 500 stores in 89 countries. In 2011, Michael Kors officially stepped into China. Only within 5 years, it has more than 100 stores with sales revenue over 0.2 billion dollars.

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Up to 70% off, Michael Kors sale during Christmas

As Christmas is coming, light luxury brand—Michael Kors, starts its crazy sales at large discount. It is worth mentioning that it is the first time Michael Kors’ quarter sales reduce. Some experts believe that it cannot last long to increase the sales by large discount. On the contrary, customers will doubt the brand value.
Recently, journalists of Beijing Business Today visit the Michael Kors stores, and find all the Michael Kors products are in discounts from 30% off to 70% off, including the bags and watches. The sales person introduces that it is the Christmas promotion, and that the products in discount are the latest and most of this year.

The market of luxury brand is slumping these years. Although Michael Kors is top in sales for the past five years, it is also deeply impacted by the market. It is the first time that Michael Kors’ quarter sales reduce since 2011. What’s more, its competitor Coach has surpassed.
According to the data, Michael Kors’ net profit reduces by 15.7%, at 0.1471 billion dollars in the first quarter of 2017. In the second quarter of 2017, its total revenue reduces by 3.7%, at 1.09 billion dollars. What we need to pay attention is that in the second quarter, Michael Kors increases rapidly in the Asian-Pacific market but in fact, its less than 0.1-billion revenue contributes little to Michael Kors. The main increase is brought by its 137 new stores which MK just takes back the attorney. In the forth quarter of 2016, MK only increased 10.9% in its sales.

The downturn drives Michael Kors to increase its sales by discount. John D. Idol, CEO of Michael Kors, admits that the over discount will affect the whole group, and that the discount promotion activities will be decreased from next Feb..

In fact, Michael Kors, as light luxury brand, is positioned as neither luxury nor popular customer goods. The embarrassing position affects the royalty of its customers.
Zhou Ting, the dean of the wealth quality research institute, indicates Michael Kors’ special discount to increase its sales will lower not only its image but also its customers. Although Michael Kors can clean its inventory in short term, it won’t last long. If MK wants to win in the market, the creativity and its design are the key.

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DIY Chanel No.5 Perfume Bottle Bag Easily Makes You Shine Like Superstars

Chanel No.5 perfume is a legend, and its simple bottle is filled with modern taste. Karl Lagerfeld imitated the Chanel 2014 early Spring holiday series and designed the handbags, pushing this classic perfume bottle to the climax. All of a sudden, superstars and super models all carry this delicate and unique Chanel No.5 perfume bag to attend all kinds of fashion activities. As for ordinary people like us, we can do nothing but envy. However, we should stop complaining, because Chanel No. 5 perfume bottle bag can be made by yourself and you can become luxurious and shining like superstars. The following is the materials needed and steps.
DIY Chanel No.5 Perfume Bottle Bag Easily Makes You Shine Like Superstars

Clean and transparent plastics, a cuboid, a monocle as the clad, and another little cube as the perfume bottle cap (those can be bought in some home decoration stores or hardware stores)

Some little hardware buckets

E6000 glue


1. Firstly, use the E6000 glue to fix the switching hardware at the turning point;

2. Next, stick the Chanel No.5 perfume bottle cap and magnetic lock;

3. Finally, stick the Chanel label on the bottle

Then this luxurious trendy Chanel No. 5 perfume bottle bag is finished, and you can easily enjoy the advanced customization like superstars!