MK bag 1559 (2)

Are you still hesitating on MK or Coach? Now you don’t need to hesitate.

When talking about Coach bags, MM will show expression of dislike. They are typical aunty bags. At that time, the bags of MK are symbols of fashion. They have reasonable prices with simple but fashionable designs. however, the theme of Coach has changed a lot since Coach changed its designer. The bags become so fashionable, suiting for the younger. On the other side, the MK bags haven’t changed much in these years.

Coach Signature series

This PARKER handbag is the same as the one used by Selina. The rose styled lock, fashionable structured chains, rivet decoration make the bag of high sense of femininity.

Color matching styled PARKER single shoulder bag with rivet decorations

This PARKER single shoulder bag combines the fashion elements such as color-matching, rivets, chains together. It has a completely different style from the previous products. Have you been surprised?

ROGUE handbag

It is made of smooth leather of little ox, showing a very soft sense.

It also has the knot printing version.


It is made of polished leather, providing a strong sense. It is matched with rose decoration, increasing the sense of fashion.

Coach 1941 series DINKY handbag

Coach 1941 series are the products at the turning point. The pasters are on the body of the bag, showing a strong feeling of fashion and modern.

Dinky handbag has one called as bag in handbag. It is very useful. Besides, every single bag has its own decorations, which are very delicate.

When MM see those pretty bags of Coach, they don’t need to hesitate any longer. Just buy them!