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Cholé Drew Bag-A Cute and Cool Must-buy

The first brand bag that must be listed in the must-buy bag list in this summer is Cholé Drew bag even if it has been popular for more than a year.
1.Cholé Drew bag strikes back

Before 2014, the Cholé Drew bag was unknown for every one. Most people’s impression on Cholé was several bottles of perfumes made from flowers and its bags in the fashion circle was not noticeable. Although a few trendy bags had been released, it was a long time ago. Since the release of Drew bag in 2014, the postion of Cholé in the fashion circle changed suddenly. In the Spring and Summer of 2015, Cholé takes advantage of the opportunity and mainly promotes the Drew bag. The Drew bags of the brown color have almost been out of supply.
2.Cuteness helps the Drew bag compete for the market

a. Wear-resistant and durable lamb skins with litchi grains

Lamb skins are smooth to touch and durable. If you care and repair the bag very well, it looks like a brand new one.
b. Multiple colors

The bag has multiple colors to choose due to the texture. Fashionists can match it with other clothes.

c. Makes people who wear it look very cool
The lining of the Drew bag is very simple, utilizing the space to a largest extent. It can hold many things and does not waste any space. It has an lamb skin-made interlining, which can carry the iPhone 6S without the case.