MK bag 1559 (2)

Michael Kors handbags, which is the prettiest?

MK handbags are very popular these two years, and many people are using them? Which do you think is the prettiest when used?

1.    Sweety Miranda Kerr uses the big brown bag, which looks pretty good in quality.
2.    Super model Kendall Jenner), sister of Kim Kardashian, notchbacks the grey ear bag, looking very cute.
3.    Taylor Swift usually takes this bag when she goes out. She is very fond of this bag.
4.    The handbag with rivets, Xi Menyyao takes it when going to the parties.
5.    Super Model –AA’s big bag, which seems can hold the whole world, somehow like the neverfull of LV.

6.    KK’s snake leather handbag, it looks mature and generous.

Which one do you prefer?