MK bag 1559 (2)

The MK bag is not only classical, but also practical

In the movie Mission Impossible, PRADA Saffiano that Mona carried with was warmly welcomed by numerous fans once it was debuted. Especially when the clip in the movie that Mona carried out PRADA with gun and gem hided was broadcasted, the scream will be made in the cinema.

PRADA Saffiano has been becoming one of the most favorite classical bags since from that time. Apart from the fashionable appearance, it is also very sincere for its practicability. Therefore, there are many other brands pushing out their own PRADA Saffiano, such as Michael Kors’s PRADA Saffiano, which occupies the dominant position in affordable luxury brand.

Let’s talk about the brand of Michael Kors, the founder, Michael Kors served as a creative director for the brand of Celine from 1998 to 2004. In 2004, Michael Kors left from Celine, and began to pay attention to the design of his personal brand which was named after his name. Especially PRADA Saffiano is deeply attractive for the white-collar workers in the metropolis by virtue of its wear resistance, large capacity, casual match and so forth.

MICHAEL KORS large PRADA Saffiano white

In terms of Michael Kors’s PRADA Saffiano in the JD Bentudou overseas luxuries franchise store, what it employs is the material of leather with the exquisite work thread. The white one is the hottest style in this store, it will be very fashionable if it matches with the spring and summer overcoat and dress, and there is large internal capacity inside it, it can be divided into 2 parts, where there are tiny pockets with different sizes, which can be used to place the small objects such as the key, the telephone, etc. In the middle part, there is the zipper, and the internal space is very large, it can be used to place the wallet.

MICHAEL KORS large PRADA Saffiano grey

Each series of MK bag with grey color will be the hottest style for that series, after all, the grey is the fashionable color at any time. PRADA Saffiano is no exception, its size is still 34*25*12, the semicircle body of the bag is elegant with the exquisite details, whether sportswear or formal wear, it is believed that this bag will bring you with the different feelings for those female buyers.

MICHAEL KORS large PRADA Saffiano black

For those who are fond of the dark PRADA Saffiano, you cannot miss this black one, the modest color will not be striking at any season and occasion, and this bag is also the necessity for numerous superstars to have a street snap.

For the white-collar female in the metropolis , PRADA Saffiano is very practical for daily life and commuting, and there is no doubt for the cost performance of MK. Especially in the JD Bentudou overseas luxuries franchise store, each of bag is from American direct mail, it the authentic one with the good quality, let’s see it together!